Poka Videos Become The First Step In Soprema's Training Process

Soprema took advantage of the opening of a new plant to introduce processes that will offer different approaches to developing the skills of its employees.

Managers at Soprema had, among other things, the desire to standardize the training content and to homogenize the form that this content would take. The establishment of Poka in the Drummondville plant responded to three main issues:

  • The format of training content was poorly adapted to the reality of employees
  • Developing employee’s skills
  • The need of support for daily operations

Considering the improvements needed to overcome these issues, the plant manager, Stéphane Beaulé, was convinced that Poka was the best solution.

Poka is implemented in Soprema’s new factory, which opened in 2015, creating a host of direct and indirect jobs in its sector. Soprema considers Poka an innovative tool. Poka turned out to be a great success in terms of the initial goal to improve operational support but Soprema also benefited from many more advantages.

As the content is now standardized, the videos have become excellent sources of support for our employee’s tasks.

Stéphane Beaulé Plant Manager

Q & A

Do you believe that Poka helps increase the versatility of employees?

Yes, some employees show interest in a different position internally through videos they viewed on Poka. Managers can also nominate internal candidates themselves by observing their skills matrix as well as their performance. It makes the task much simpler.

Does the application allow technical support teams to speed up processing time?

Certainly. Employees can view videos at any time for simple reminders of irregular tasks. It is also much easier to diagnose a problem by viewing a video of the issue or on the parameters of the equipment in question.

Does Poka allow you to document and publish best practices within your plant?

Yes. This is one of the reasons why Poka was chosen for our factory. In the case where we find a better practice, we simply take a few minutes, redo the video, republish it and it instantly becomes available for everyone to access. This saves a lot of time in communicating changes.

Speed of production using the training guides

A significant time savings is experienced on the production lines. Prior to implementing Poka, employees had to refer to superiors for irregular tasks; they can now save a ton of time by accessing the required content themselves on Poka.

Operations support & Continuing Education

Pokas’ skills matrix gave managers the opportunity to regularly evaluate their employees. This allowed the organization to ensure employees are receiving the most up to date information regarding training and health & safety standards, while created a more productive workforce.

Diagnose problems

The news feed has had a major impact, particularly with regards to problem solving. As all communications regarding plant activities are now available in real-time on the application, responsiveness and collaboration greatly helps in solving problems.

Top Use Cases

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