The Role of the Connected Worker in Total Productive Maintenance

Manufacturing organizations can gain a range of benefits from Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) including less unplanned maintenance, less downtime, and lower production costs.

Although those benefits sound great on paper, they often aren’t realized for a number of years because it is challenging and heavy to implement TPM. TPM is more than just a maintenance policy, processes or tools. It requires a cultural and philosophical change from top management to operators.

In this E-Book

In this comprehensive e-book, we share how digital tools help to connect and empower your frontline workers to address many of these implementation challenges, better support the goals of each TPM pillar, and achieve TPM success.

You’ll gain valuable insights on how connected worker solutions can help your TPM initiatives to:

  • Simplify your TPM practice as a whole
  • Improve your organization’s speed, agility, and responsiveness to the current and future environment
  • Increase productivity
Total Productive Maintenance

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