Westrock Produced Nearly 250 New Training Guides With Poka

With maintenance processes spanning 3 stages and non-homogeneous training content, Westrock Candiac acknowledged that new approaches were needed to achieve significant plant savings, including time savings.

Two main reasons led Westrock to opt for Poka:

  • The need for standardization of training content
  • The search for a new approach for maintenance requests

By countering the challenges faced by the company and providing the necessary functionality, visual support produced with Poka would significantly contribute to improved communications and plant operations.

In May 2016, Poka was established at Westrock Candiac, and despite a usual slowdown in activities during the summer, employees were able to produce more than 243 training guides, not to mention those that are awaiting validation.

Not only have we seen significant savings in terms of time, but our employees also feel that the training materials produced with Poka greatly simplify their work.

Martin Rainville Plant Controller

Q & A

Has Poka helped your overall training strategy?

Poka significantly reduced the time needed to produce training content. Currently, videos have an average length of 6 minutes. However, we want to reduce this time to 3 minutes to optimize the process of continuous improvement.

Do you use Poka to transfer knowledge and improve your knowledge bank?

Yes. As an example, one of our highly experienced employees will retire within two months. We made the decision to release him of his current duties in advance and instead have him help us produce the training guides. He is also assisting in training others who will eventually take his place.

Does Poka allows you to speed up the arrival of technical support teams for an intervention?

Yes. It was found that approximately 25% more intervention was performed than before. By eliminating the paper application form and subsequent steps, we gained 25% of the support team’s time. Maintenance requests are therefore processed within 24 hours, or even immediately on a few occasions.

The video support allows us to eliminate a lot of confusion, loss of time and, above all, delays. Producing a training guide with Poka takes us two times less time than the paper version.

Martin Rainville Plant Controller
Operational support

The company confirms that the knowledge of its employees is continually improving, which ensures optimal and safe productivity. In addition, Poka’s collaboration tool has a great impact on the working environment and communication between employees.

Standardization of training content

Thanks to Poka a considerable amount of time is saved when it comes to training new and current employees. It is now much easier for the employee to access content on equipment operations, thereby reducing downtime caused by human error. In addition, retirement is no longer a huge concern, as the operational expertise held by the most experienced employees is now well documented through Poka.

Health and safety

In addition to facilitating the transfer of knowledge, the company now utilizes an operator’s "dead time" to carry out preventive maintenance procedures on their equipment, ensuring safer operations.

Top Use Cases

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