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2023 Report on the State of Training in Manufacturing

Industry Trends

This year's findings unveil a profound shift driven by the post-pandemic landscape, where workplace culture and technology transformations have ignited innovative approaches to learning and development.

What’s Inside

Study Findings: 

  1. New Hire Onboarding is a Priority: With an aging workforce, persistent skills gaps, and changing work environments, 71% of firms identify new hire onboarding as a top priority. The demand for new talent, compounded by pandemic-induced challenges, has led to increased emphasis on effective onboarding practices.
  2. Transition to On-the-Job Training (OJT): Manufacturing companies are shifting towards on-the-job training (OJT) methods. While shadowing and classroom training remain common, 62% of firms expect an increase in OJT over the next two years, promoting a deeper understanding of skills and higher work standards.
  3. Challenges in Training Implementation: Budget constraints emerge as a significant challenge, with 61% of respondents highlighting resource pressures affecting training programs. Limited access to training resources and maintaining records pose difficulties, leading to a shift toward digital solutions for scalable and streamlined training administration.
  4. Training Effectiveness and Completion Rates: While 82% report improved training completion rates over the past two years, only 35% view their training programs as "highly effective." This gap in achieving training goals and addressing employee needs indicates room for improvement in training strategies and technology adoption.
  5. Digital Solutions as Remedy: In response to challenges, manufacturing firms are embracing digital solutions for training. While spreadsheets and in-house software are commonly used for tracking, mobile learning apps are gaining traction due to their flexibility, accessibility, and effectiveness in overcoming training challenges, and improving plant performance and employee turnover.
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