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How to Improve Troubleshooting Efficiency on the Plant Floor

Connected Workforce
When equipment fails unexpectedly, it takes an average of 1.5 hours to recover. What if everyone could pitch in and help problem-solve digitally? Or if the burden didn’t fall solely on maintenance to fix low-level issues? There are better ways for workers to find solutions to get equipment back online quickly.
Key Insights

Work Smart When Tackling the Unexpected

Plants rely on the knowledge and skills of their operators and mechanics to fix production-stopping problems as fast as possible. Unfortunately, for many, the supporting processes are inefficient and manual. A digital troubleshooting knowledge base can ease the burden on staff and speed up the time to resolution.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a standardized digital knowledge base of procedures and troubleshooting solutions
  • Use video and photos to resolve problems quickly
  • Make solutions available in real-time across relevant production lines, shifts and plants, avoiding the need to reinvent the wheel

The presentation also includes a live demonstration of how you can effectively implement a digital troubleshooting knowledge base in factories of any size and stage of digitization.

Webinars How to Improve Troubleshooting Efficiency

Meet Your Presenters

Alex Leclerc

CEO & Co-founder at Poka

Bob Vavra

Content Manager, Plant Engineering