A closed-loop approach to problem solving that supports and engages workers in a culture of continuous improvement

When an unexpected problem in production occurs, workers can use Poka to access short troubleshooting videos.

Capture & Share

If there is no troubleshooting instruction in Poka, the workers can easily take pictures and videos, making it easier for experts to diagnose and solve the problem.

Escalate & Collaborate

If no documented solution exists, workers can connect with equipment experts across the organization in a single click.

Document & Publish

Once a solution is found, reviewed and approved by all stakeholders, it can be converted into a troubleshooting solution in Poka for others to learn from.

Why You Will Love It
Reduce Downtime Empower workers to find solutions quickly and independently
Improve Efficiency Experts can often troubleshoot remotely
Increase Visibility Know when there’s a problem and follow its progress
Collective Learning Avoid repeating the same problems across shifts and plants
Continuous Improvement Identify new improved ways of working
Faster Documentation Video takes 50% less time to create than written instructions
Centralize and share problems and solutions
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