Communication & training designed for factory workers communication on a factory floor
Company News

Instantly share company news and updates with all workers, without reliance on email, daily huddles or town hall meetings

COVID-19 Updates

Centralize all COVID-19 policies, guidelines and local best practices in a dedicated news channel for quick and easy access

Production Updates

Reduce in-person meetings by posting information normally captured during shift and tier meetings in the digital news feed

Access to Experts

Enable equipment experts and operators to collaborate at a distance to troubleshoot problems

Critical Skills Coverage

Quickly train new-hires and existing workers to replace those out sick using short, video micro-lessons

Compliance Training

Stay on top of mandatory compliance training using digital, video content and exams

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Daily Communications and Production Updates

Troubleshooting and Resolving Problems

Skills Gap Analysis and Training
All the features you need to digitally connect workers in a comprehensive and easy-to-use app
Communication on a factory floor
Communications A digital Factory Feed enables information to be instantly shared and workers to communicate across plants and shifts
Knowledge management on a factory floor
Knowledge Base A digital Knowledge Base provides real-time access to all work instructions and training content at workers’ stations
Skills management on a factory floor
Skills Management A digital Skills Matrix provides real-time visibility into worker’s up-to-date skills and training progress
Why You Will Love It
Safety management on a factory floor Safety Eliminates the need for in-person meetings and face-to-face conversations
Performance management on a factory floor Performance Reduces time to performance by making it faster and easier to learn new skills
Productivity management on a factory floor Productivity Increases worker productivity by giving them real-time knowledge and information
Knowledge management on a factory floor Knowledge Enables workers to easily share knowledge and learn from one another
Quick access to help on a factory floor Quick Access Provides instant access to all digital resources at worker’s station by scanning a QR code
Easy to use instructions for the factory floor Easy to Use Built for factory workers from the ground up to make it easier to complete tasks
3-Steps to Workforce Resilience
Workforce Resilience Step 1

Immediate Response Connect workers, enable digital communication and collaboration
Workforce Resilience Step 2

Near-Term Import or create digital work instructions for critical tasks and train workers at a distance
Workforce Resilience Step 3

Longer-Term Build a library of video-based work instructions and automate workforce skills management