Factory Skills Management Features

Poka gives both workers and management a standardized way to oversee and accelerate skills development.

Skills Matrix

At-a-glance view of skills coverage

Custom Training Programs

Multi-step training composed of work instructions, troubleshooting, documents, and links to external content


Create custom exams to verify training was understood

Automatic Skills Assignment

Training is assigned to workers based on roles and location


Track and audit mandatory training


Workers skills must be endorsed by a supervisor


Supervisors and workers are notified when a skill is due for recertification or when a procedure is updated

Integration with LMS

Automatically update the status of workers skills in your corporate LMS through Poka’s API

Viewing Report

Ensure workers have seen and reviewed the required content

Benefits of Managing Skills with Poka

Top Use Cases

Leading Digital Manufacturers use Poka Skills Management to support these common use cases.