Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to the most common questions about Poka

How is Poka Different?

How is Poka different from other messaging platforms like WorkPlace or Yammer?

Poka offers more than just messaging. Messaging apps have their place but sharing and retrieving information can be a challenge. Poka provides an integrated structure that can serve as a digital logbook and simplify both the capture and access to information making knowledge easy to find, share and retain.

How is Poka different from a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Poka offers similar capabilities to a learning management platform but is specifically designed to support knowledge and learning related to the workstations and equipment on the factory floor. Poka capabilities also extend beyond learning management. It is an integrated communication, training and knowledge solution to support continuous improvement and learning. Poka is a great complement to a corporate LMS, because it makes skills development and training plans accessible and visible to factory workers as opposed to office workers.

How is Poka different from content tools like SharePoint?

Unlike traditional content and document management solutions built for office workers, Poka makes it possible to capture, share and manage knowledge continuously on the factory floor. Built specifically for manufacturing, Poka mirrors production operations at the plant, line, workstation and equipment level to make information easy to find, when it is needed most.

Getting Started

What is an average implementation time for Poka?

With support from the Poka Professional Services team, customers can get up and running anywhere from one to three months on average. This varies by client depending on the resources allocated, the number of people involved, and the use cases targeted.

How can we promote use and adoption of a tool like Poka?

Having a clear communication plan, focused objectives and the right resources allocated, particularly in the initial implementation phase will provide a solid base for adoption. Clear explanation of “what’s in it for me” for all users brings sustainable engagement.

We don’t have any video content to put into Poka, would we get value from the platform?

Yes. Poka supports documents, text, images, links in addition to video, so uploading existing training materials, one-point-learnings and safety information is a great starting point as you gradually migrate to video. Poka also supports the mass upload of existing content to help accelerate implementation.

How do Poka clients ensure that the tool does not become a distraction for operators?

By clearly defining the what, how, when and why users should engage with Poka and including Poka as an integral part of the daily management system (DMS).

Who typically creates content for Poka?

It varies from one Poka client to another. Many times, content creation specialists are from Continuous Improvement or have supervisory roles in Operations, Quality or Safety. Some companies use interns or new hires to accelerate content creation. And it is a recommended best practice to leverage any OEM training events to add and update instructions.

Does Poka produce content/training videos?

No. We believe that your skilled workforce is best equipped with the knowledge to create your content. In fact, a major strength of Poka is the fact that the platform makes it easy for local experts to create content tapping into tribal knowledge that can now be shared.

How long does it take to create content?

As a broad rule-of-thumb it takes about an 1-1 1/2 hours to make a 2-5-minute training guide from start to finish. This is the equivalent of a 5-7 page written instruction.

How does Poka ensure version control of work instructions? How does Poka help us track documentation in order to achieve ISO certification?

Any change to a work instruction in Poka creates a new version that needs to be approved prior to being made available to users. Earlier versions are archived. A new version updates viewing requirements for all subscribed users.

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Technical Specifications

Do I need wi-fi in my factory to use Poka?

Yes. A key premise, and strength, of Poka is access to information in real-time, when and where you need it.

Is Poka available on-premises?

No. Poka is cloud-based which results in lower operational cost and seamless upgrades compared to on-premise software. It offloads IT departments from having to maintain the system, while providing equal if not greater security than a solution maintained in-house.

What kind of mobile devices does Poka support?

Poka is available as a native iOS and a Web app. The Web app is compatible with all leading browsers and can be used on smartphones, tablets and computers.

How much internet bandwidth is needed to use Poka?

A rule of thumb formula: number of users divided by number of shifts per day times % of users connected times % of users viewing videos (5% max is normal) times 1.25 mbps. Example: 200 users/3 shifts * 90% * 5% * 1.25 mbps = 3.75 mbps

How many languages does Poka support?

Currently the Poka app is available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Malay, Dutch and Russian. New languages are being added regularly.


What are the most common integrations with Poka ?

The most common integrations for Poka are with CMMS, MES, LMS and QMS platforms. Poka’s robust API can link to about any software, including SAP. Your specific goals should determine how and when integration links should be established.

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