A centralized digital logbook to improve visibility, communication and collaboration

Frontline workers post important production updates in real-time throughout their shift.


Posts are reviewed during daily meetings and problems escalated as needed.


Tasks can be assigned to employees to ensure accountability.


Centralize end of shift and meeting reports in the Factory Feed.


Equipment KPIs can be monitored by operators via Poka’s MES integration.


Review the Factory feed to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.


Efficiently send corporate updates company wide.

Why You Will Love It
Supervisor Productivity No more scanning and sending reports by email
Improved Tier Meetings Easily follow problem escalation and assign tasks
Better Reporting Make it easier for workers to report on health, safety and quality events
Auditable Retain a centralized record of communication, tasks and events
Consistency Across Shifts Improve communication and reduce inconsistencies
Engage Workers Build a bottom-up, continuous improvement culture
Digitize and Capture All Factory Communication
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