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Boosting New Worker Competencies and Resolving Sustainability Issues at Royal Canin

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By The Numbers


Rise in operator-submitted reports for safety, sustainability and quality


Reported near misses in 2022


Faster onboarding time


Saved in excess energy consumption

Thanks to Poka, we are able to achieve our goals: to increase our performance and reduce losses.

Royal canin

Marcin Drabek

Operations Manager

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We are working every day to improve the lives of people in communities where we source materials, as well as the lives of our associates and customers.

Royal canin

Agnieszka Konieczna

Poka & E&T Project Manager

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Poka is as powerful as the people who use it. So if you have engaged people, you might come up with really great ideas like we have, from issues reported from the shop floor.

Royal canin

Agnieszka Konieczna

POKA & E&T Project Manager

We wanted those issues to be visible to every associate so that everyone can be aware of the danger on the shop floor. It was possible after we moved to Poka because we're now able to build a safety culture, with high visibility of risks for our associates.

Royal canin

Agnieszka Konieczna

POKA & E&T Project Manager