Drive Performance Across Your Factory Processes

Manufacturing Excellence in a Single Integrated Platform
Manufacturing is increasingly competitive and as a result growing in complexity. Organizations need technology that ensures your workers can rise to meet the complexities of their tasks with greater confidence, efficiency and safety.
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Our Unique Approach

Offering the widest range of connected worker capabilities, Poka’s training, communication capabilities, digital forms, issue management, powerful analytics and AI that seamlessly work together to empower frontline worker performance.

Everything you need to optimize your workforce performance in a single, unified platform:

  • Knowledge Management - Access to Information, when and where you need it

  • Training & Skills Management - Accelerate skills development and reduce training time

  • Communication - Connect team members and improve collaboration

  • Forms and Checklists - Standardize operations and improve workforce productivity

  • Issues Management - Track, understand and assign ownership to solve problems faster

  • Analytics - Track KPIs and gain insights for better decisions, faster

  • AI - Streamline content creation, accessibility, worker communication and efficiency

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Poka's Connected Worker Capabilities

Poka uniquely empowers frontline workers to drive performance while turning every production issue into an opportunity to learn and enable a culture of continuous improvement.

Real customers. Real results.


Increase in Productivity


Decrease in Customer Complaints


Reduction in Onboarding Time & Cost


Don't Take Our Word For It

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Milwaukee Tools Increases Worker Retention by 174% Using Poka’s Connected Worker App

Our retention in 2022 after we implemented Poka drastically increased. We went [from 30%] to 74%.

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