Forms and Checklists Features

Poka’s electronic forms and checklist capabilities help reduce production inconsistencies, improve safety, and increase workforce efficiency.

Collect Consistent Data

Field types include text, checkbox, picklist, date, time, numbers and media

collect consistent data
multi user editing
Multi-User Editing

Complete forms across shifts and roles

Template Builder

Design new forms with an easy drag and drop interface

template builder

Add pictures and videos to forms


Retain and access older versions of forms for audits


Standardize form templates across sites and assets

data export
Data Export

Export data to .xls, .csv or to third-party BI tools

Easy Access

Access forms from a plant, production line, workstation or equipment location

easy access
Action Assignment

Escalate deviations through the Factory Feed

action assignment

Employees and supervisors can sign and date completed forms

Benefits of e-Forms and Checklists
That’s how much time and money you can save by moving to digital forms according to one Poka client

Top Use Cases

Leading Digital Manufacturers use Poka’s Factory Feed to support these common use cases.