Common Integrations

Poka connects your factory workforce to your core digital systems to unlock unprecedented visibility into operations.

API Integration
How We Can Integrate
Benefits of Integration
How We Can Integrate
  • News posts can be turned into work orders in the CMMS
  • Status updates on work orders are visible in Poka
Benefits of Integration
  • Avoids duplicate entry of production issue in CMMS
  • Maintenance can solve problems faster
How We Can Integrate
  • Bi-directional links between SoPs in QMS and instructions in Poka
  • Quality issues posted in Poka can push report to QMS
Benefits of Integration
  • Easier access to SoPs
  • Complements written procedure with video
How We Can Integrate
  • Dashboard feature allows real time view into production metrics
  • Trigger posts from MES to Poka and reverse
Benefits of Integration
  • Makes production data and KPIs more visible on the shop floor
  • Operators become “strategic managers” of their equipment
How We Can Integrate
  • Poka skills can feed updates to LMS on status of worker competencies
  • Poka skills link to content in LMS
Benefits of Integration
  • Enables best of breed LMS for factory floor
  • Reduces administrative records
How We Can Integrate
  • Posts related to downtime can be synchronized with ERP logs
Benefits of Integration
  • Video and photos provide greater context and insight into problem

The Poka API is built to enable you to create custom integrations quickly and easily. Our fully documented, stateless RESTful API is accessible via generic API keys.