(template plus) Give Workers Access to Knowledge, When and Where They Need It

Give workers access to the knowledge they need, when they need it
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How to get started

First Step
X days

Kickoff the implementation project on the best note before the first meeting

Information gathered in this phase through a Poka-survey 7 interview:

- Scope out the outcomes targeted, user cases & KPIs impacted

- For increased success, identify priority areas across the plants, lines, equipments & workstations

- Gather basic information about the users included in the scope

- Gather basic info about the equipment in the scope

- Understand IT requirements for Poka usage in the plant.

- Bring together your project team: Project Owner & Coordinator, Executive Sponsor, Design Team, Content Creators and System Administrators

Second Step
Y days

Meet the teams and build the project customised to your needs

Getting you set up with personalised sessions

- Team members learn about the Poka app, content creation best practices and approaches to poka usage

- The program has weekly 3-hour sessions with your project team until go-live

- Our teams provide a combination of workshops and trainings to allow for hands-on practice

- Synchronous and asynchronous activities make optimal use of the onboarding period

- Sessions will be interspersed with assignments to evaluate learnings

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Making sure you hit the ground running with Poka


Onboarding & training

We'll train you, fool.
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Asset Availability & Performance

Your assets are going to be SO available, like, I swear.
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Employee Productivity

You think you know what productivity is, but wait until Poka comes in.
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Digital Transformation

A transformative experience, you will become a new human
So. many. numbers.

We've got so many, look at them.




This is over 9,000




That is a huge percentage

Frequently Asked Questions

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Unlike traditional content and document management solutions built for office workers, Poka makes it possible to capture, share and manage knowledge continuously on the factory floor. Built specifically for manufacturing, Poka mirrors production operations at the plant, line, workstation and equipment level to make information easy to find, when it is needed most.

With support from the Poka Professional Services team, customers can get up and running anywhere from one to three months on average. This varies by client depending on the resources allocated, the number of people involved, and the use cases targeted.

Unlock the Power of Your Data to Empower a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Poka is a complete connected worker platform designed to improve frontline worker performance. It does this by uniquely tying knowledge management, training, digitized forms, issues tracking, unified communications and analytics into a single,  unified solution. The data collected by Poka, when analyzed and presented correctly, is key to unlocking new levels of productivity.

At the heart of Poka, is a powerful reporting and analytics engine that provides complete visibility into your connected worker data. Featuring prebuilt in-app dashboards, the ability create custom analytics, and advanced sharing capabilities, it is designed to help corporate leaders, plant management, CI experts and operators track KPI’s, gain insights into production issues, measure training efforts and workforce performance to quickly zero-in on priorities to see where corrective action is needed. 

Poka Analytics empowers your team to make better data-driven decisions, faster to unlock even more frontline worker performance efficiencies.

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Digital Kanban board

All issues can be seen in a one-view digital Kanban board and consolidated by status, reporter, issue category and location. The Kanban view also showcases the amount of time elapsed since the issue was opened or the resolution time for resolved issues. Once a solution is found, the issue can be marked as resolved with a simple drag-and-drop so supervisors are kept informed. This drives quick resolutions and visibility on performance metrics.

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Advanced enterprise package

For Global Scale, Governance and Support


See How Poka's Core Features Work Together on the Factory Floor

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What makes Poka Unique?

Manufacturing DNA

deep domain knowledge in manufacturing and digital transformation

Built for factory workers

connecting the frontline to your digital operations


best-in-class features, in a single integrated platform

Easy to use

intuitive, modern design drives adoption and use

Plug and play

Comes ready to configure and use

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How We Can Integrate Benefits of Integration

News posts can be turned into work orders in the CMMS

Status updates on work orders are visible in Poka

Avoids duplicate entry of production issue in CMMS

Maintenance can solve problems faster


Bi-directional links between SoPs in QMS and instructions

Quality issues posted in Poka can push report to QMS

Easier access to SoPs

Complements written procedure with video